U.S. Students

Become a Global Partner

UM Global Partners is a service program to provide a personal UM friend to help new international students during their first few months on campus.  The University of Montana-Missoula enrolls about 600 international students and scholars from an average of 76 countries every year.  During their first semester here, international students often feel loneliness, culture shock, and stress.  As an experienced UM student, you can volunteer to ease their cultural adjustment by being a Global Partner to one newly arrived international student!

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Apply for an Internship

Global Engagement hires interns each semester for various positions.  We post positions at the end of each semester for the upcoming semester, and they can be found on Handshake though Internship Services.  We hope to hear of your interest!

Engage with Speakers' Bureau

International Students and Scholars coordinates the Speakers’ Bureau Program, through which international students are able to interact with the University of Montana and larger Missoula Community. If you would like to invite International students to give talks on a variety of topics related to their home country, or coordinate with an International student on campus, Speakers’ Bureau is for you!

Most students are happy to share what they love most about their homelands and the audience groups are always very excited to meet students and learn about other countries around the world.

Interested in Speakers’ Bureau? Please complete a Speakers’ Bureau request form