International Student Orientation

Spring 2019 Orientation

International students with flags on football field

International Student Arrival Days will be from January 4th-6th.

International Student Orientation will be on January 7th and 8th.

Please make sure you have filled out the Orientation and Airport Pickup Form.

Orientation: Monday January 7th - 9th, 2019

Please note that the sessions in this schedule which are written in red color are integrated into UM’s (domestic) New Student Orientation, so for these sessions you will join  and meet the new domestic  students.

Day 1 of International Orientation: Monday, January 7, 2019

8:15 AM     Orientation Check-in with Free Breakfast Treats. ECK/LA 304-305

Go to the building called ECK Hall (also known as Liberal Arts Building) and proceed upstairs to Room 304-305 for check-in. There will be complimentary breakfast treats served in the lounge next to Room 304-305.

9:00 – 10:00 AM     Welcome and Introduction. ECK/LA 304-305

  • Welcome and Introductions by Global Engagement Staff
  • Special Welcome by Provost (pending)
  • Invitation to join Global Partners Program and Missoula International Friendship Program
  • Information on Health and Immunization Documentation (required to register and attend classes)

10:00 AM     UM Academic Rules and Academic Support ServicesECK/LA 304-305

11:00 AM     How to Get Your Student Identification Card (Griz Card). ECK/LA 304-305

11:15 AM     How to Buy or Rent Books - Escorted tour to UM Bookstore in University Center

12:00 PM     Lunch Break 

You are free to purchase lunch on your own in the University Center Food Court or Pizza Hut, both on the second floor.  You may also have time to get your Griz Card (there is time allocated to get your Griz Card tomorrow as well).  Bring $15 and your passport to the Griz Card Center in first floor of UC building.  

Graduate Students only: Please remain at ECK/LA 304-305 at noon as you will be hosted for lunch by the Graduate School (which administers all graduate programs).   They will meet you and take you to lunch.

1:15 – 5:00 PM     All-Afternoon Session: Program Information, Advising and Class Registration. Meet in ECK/LA 304-305.

  • You will be divided into groups based on your enrollment status at UM. You will then go with your group and UM Advising staff members for specialized meetings and consultation. Please meet promptly at 1:00 PM.
  • All new international students must attend this, even if they have already registered. The schedule for this will take all afternoon for some students; others will finish in less than 2 hours and have free time.
  • English Language Institute (ELI) students will meet ELI advisors here and follow them to the International Center to take English placement exams.

4:00 PM     Guided Campus Tours for those finished with Registration. 

Duration is 1 hour. Meet at the ECK/LA building inside the center door, first floor--- the door that faces the middle of campus.  (If you miss the tour, see Mona and she will help you schedule an alternative tour). The campus tour will end at the Welcome Dinner location.

5:00 PM     Meet to walk to Welcome Dinner (only for those that did not go on 4 PM Campus Tour)

If you are not on the Tour, meet at 5:00 pm to walk to the Welcome Dinner with a guide: depart from ECK/LA Building,  central entrance,  first floor --- the door that faces the middle of campus .  

5:15 PM     Welcome Dinner, hosted by the Missoula International Friendship Program.

Enjoy a free dinner and fun social time with new friends at the end of the first day of orientation! Meal will be vegetarian. Please inform hosts if you need a Gluten-Free meal.  We will walk there together – please see 4:00 PM or 5:00 PM above.

The event will be at the reception hall of the University Congregational Church, located one block from campus at 405 University Avenue, down the street from the Lommasson Center.

6:30 PM    Shuttles will return students to Lewis and Clark Villages from the Welcome Dinner.

Priority on this shuttle is for those students who arrived on Sunday and did not have a chance to go shopping yet.   If space is available, others may join.  Everyone will have another chance for a shopping shuttle on Saturday, January 12.

The shuttle will depart from the Welcome Dinner location. Please arrive no later than 6:00 PM if you want to go on the shuttle, as we have to organize the number of vans going.

Day  2 of International Orientation: Tuesday, January 8, 2019

7:30 AM     Breakfast on your own: the UC Market on the first floor of the Univeristy Center will open at 7:30AM


Morning Orientation Rotation Session 

Rotate through stations by your folder color. *Please note, all ELI students must have a Red Folder

8:30 AM

Red Folder – Holders: Station A

Blue Folder - Holders : Station B

Green Folder - Holders: Station C (Station C is optional)

9:30 AM    

Red Folder – Holders: Station B, *Note: Eli students should proceed to Station D instead!

Blue Folder - Holders : Station C (Station C is optional)

Green Folder - Holders:Station A

10:30 AM

Red Folder – Holders: Station C (Station C is optional) *Note:  Eli  students should stay at Station D please.

Blue Folder -  Holders : Station A

Green Folder - Holders: Station B


Station A: Immunization/Health Check-In at Curry Health Center.  Bring all your health documentation with you to the meeting.   This check-in is only needed if you were identified as having a “health hold” during Monday’s orientation.  If not required to attend, you have one hour of free time here. 

Station B: Get your Griz Card at Griz Card Office, University Center (UC)  First floor. 

Bring passport and $15.  Your Griz card is needed for many transactions at the University of Montana.

Station C: Free time to meet academic advisors if still needed, visit departments, etc. Or you can stop by to meet the advisors in the International Students and Scholars Office (Lommasson Center 219) if you have a question about something - we look forward to getting to know you!

Station D:  ELI Students only!  All ELI students will report to International Center, Room 113,  to attend ELI Information Meeting and Registration. 


12: 00 PM     Lunch Break - Lunch tour and meal of the "Food Zoo" Dining Hall in the Lommasson Center. Meet in the long hallway of the main entrance to the Food Zoo Dining Hall at 12PM.

The main dining hall for Residence Hall residents (dormitories) will open for the first time this
semester today at lunch. Meet for a brief tour at the entrance at 12 noon and enjoy your first meal in the Food Zoo. All students living on campus in residence halls will eat for free as part of their meal plan! Additionally, discounted guest passes will be available for purchase for $8.50 for everyone else. We encourage everyone to participate on this tour and learn about the Food Zoo, even students without a meal plan who may decide to buy single entry tickets to the Food Zoo throughout the semester. The Food Zoo is an all you can eat venue once you enter, and features many food stations with different types of food.
You can also purchase your own lunch in the University Center Food Court or the UC Pizza Hut (both on the second floor of the UC).

1:00 – 4:00 PM   Afternoon International Orientation. ECK/LA 304-305

  • 1:00 PM     Information Updates
  • 1:45 PM     Immigration Rules, Regulations and Benefits
  • 2:30 PM     Break and Announcements
  • 2:45 PM     *Campus Recreation and Outdoor Programs: Enjoy Montana * How to Get Around Missoula without a Car * Services of Global Engagement’s International Students and Scholars Office and ELI *
  • 3:45 – 4:30 PM     Campus Safety and US Laws

5:00 – 6:00   PM  Mandatory Meeting for those interested in Joining MIFP.  ECK/LA 304-305

6:00  PM   Dinner on Your Own

Eat at Food Zoo (meal plans now work with your Griz Card) or purchase meals at University Center Food Court or Pizza Hut 

6:30 – 8:00 PM     BEAR FAIR :  Services, Clubs, and Activities at University of Montana  

Join the new domestic students, whose orientation started today, and learn about student groups and academic departments and services at UM. Over 30 units will be represented. Visit their tables,  learn more and meet many people.   Location:  University Center Atrium (first floor open space of UC).

8:00-10:00 PM     Fun Activities presented by Griz Welcome Committee, details to be announced.  Location will be the University Center (UC).

Day 3 of International Orientation, Wednesday, January 9, 2019

7:30 AM     Breakfast on your own: the UC Market on the first floor of the University Center will be open at 7:30AM and the Food Zoo will be open and meal plans are valid (or buy single entry)

8:00 AM     Successful Cross-Cultural Adaptation & Academic Success for International Students. ECK/LA 304-305

9:00  AM   Free time or attend a discussion on how to dress for winter/cold weather and tops to enjoy winter

9:30 AM     Meeting for students who want to join the Global Partners Program or learn more.

10:30 – 11:30 AM Bystander Intervention Training: Mandatory for all Students.  UC Theater, 3rd floor UC

Sexual harassment and violence are a national problem on college campuses. At UM, we work together to make our campus a safer place.   To achieve this, all incoming students must learn important strategies that can help stop this kind of violence.  Bring your Griz Card to receive “Completion” for this mandatory training. 

11:30 AM     Lunch Break

Use your meal plan in the Food Zoo or UC; or   purchase lunch on your own in the University Center Food Court , UC Pizza Hut or  UC Market.

1:00  PM   Curry Health Center Tour

Report to the front entrance of the Curry Health Center and proceed down the stairs to conference room 073.

2 PM and Rest of Afternoon:    Mandatory Visa Documentation for International Students:  

Please report at the following times.  Bring your Passport and your Form  I-20 or  Form DS-2019. Please note that visa documentation is a multi-step process that includes a personal meeting with an immigration advisor.  Please allow between 1- 1 ½ hours for the process.

Check in will be at the Lommasson Center, Career Services Office,  at Lommasson Suite (room) 154.

2:00  PM     Visa DocumentationRed Folder-Holders and ELI studentsBlue and Green Folder-Holders have free time        

3:00  PM     Visa DocumentationBlue Folder-Holders.  ELI students pick up Class Schedules at International Center (IC). Red (Except ELI) and Green have free time.

4:00 PM     Visa Documentation: Green Folder Holders.   Red and Blue have free time.

5:00 PM      Dinner on your Own.

6:00 - 8:00  PM   Griz Welcome: UM Speed Networking in the UC Ballroom (3rd Floor). 

Come be a part of the Griz family. Meet and Network with other students and local UM alumni in a fast-paced, fun environment. Free snacks and beverages provided.

Additional Events of International Orientation & Start of Semester

Thursday, January 10     First Day of Classes,  Spring Semester 2019

It is recommended that you find and visit the buildings and classroom locations in advance to make your first day easier.   Good luck on your first day of classes!

5:00 – 8:00 PM     Residence Hall Floor Meetings.  

Meetings are mandatory for all Residence Hall students.  Check with your Residence hall for exact times and locations.

8:00 PM -10:00 PM     Griz Welcome:  Free Movie with Popcorn and Soda.  (Movie TBD). Optional.

Friday, January 11     Second Day of Classes,  Spring Semester 2019

11 AM- 2:00 PM     Griz Welcome:  Winter Welcome Fair in the UC Atrium (First floor). 

Take a break in between classes to join your classmates in fun and exciting activities such as screen printing, Big Sky Breakout boxes, performances by the Circus Club and Pacific Islanders Club, a student service fair, and much more! And there’s free food. Stop by anytime between 11 am and 2 pm to join in the fun.Get a free screen printed item for tomorrow’s basketball game, bring it to game and enter to win a $250 scholarship

7:00 PM     Meet and Greet Party at the International House.

The International House is located at 659 South 5th Street East, at the edge of campus and is located in a regular house.  This is one block further than the Curry Health Center.   Come hang out with your new friends and meet experienced UM students who’ve been here awhile.   Celebrate the successful culmination of your first week at UM!  Sponsored by ISA, International House, and ISS.

Saturday, January 12, 2019

  • Free International Student Shopping Shuttle to Target; & Linens borrowed from ISS must be returned today – please read details below carefully.
  • Griz Welcome Event in Afternoon – Attend Lady Griz Basketball Game vs. Northern Colorado at the Dahlberg Arena (in the Adams Center). At the game: participate in the Dash 4 Cash (students are randomly selected to participate). The residence hall with the best attendance at the gme will win a pizza party! Also enter to win a $250 scholarship with the screen printed item from yesterday's Winter Welcome (must be present to win).

About the Shopping Shuttle:  Target is a large department store that has all the items new students need such as linens, dormitory supplies, toiletries, clothes, basic food,  and mobile phone cards and plans. Located next door to Target are also:  a technology store  (Best Buy), restaurants, clothing stores, a national book store, etc..   You can select from several return times for rides back to campus or Lewis and Clark Villages with our shuttle bus.  Our Orientation Assistant in the shuttle bus will have information on return times and departure location.    Shuttles will return in time to join the Griz Welcome Activity this afternoon – please see below.     You may buy a snack for breakfast at the Target snack bar.

Shopping Departure for Main Campus Students and Linen Return:    Wait for shuttle bus in the hallway in front of the International Student and Scholars (ISS) office,  Lommasson 219, at 10 AM.

Linens: If you borrowed linens, you must return them today at the ISS office at Lommasson Center 219 between 9:00-10:00 AM.  Regretfully we cannot accept linens earlier in the week due to storage issues, so if you can’t return them at this time, please ask a friend to help do so.  We will have the linens cleaned.  You will have a chance to buy your own linens at Target today. Remember that a $8 linen rental & cleaning fee will be billed to your student account. Linens not returned at this time to ISS will be charged an additional $15/week .  Please return your linens only to the ISS office (not dorms, not I-House) to ensure your account is properly credited with the return.

Shopping:  Departure for Students living at Lewis and Clark Villages and Linen Return:   Wait for shuttle bus at LCV Bus stop at 9:45 AMThis is the bus stop where the ASUM buses depart from; do not go to the bus stop on the street.                            Linens:  If you borrowed linens, you must return them today. You may return them to the ISS Office according to the instructions listed above, OR  you may bring them  to the Lewis and Clark Village (LCV) bus stop  at 9:30 AM.  We will collect the linens in our van and have them cleaned. You will have a chance to buy your own linens at Target. 


Tuesday, January 22, 2018

  • Introduction Party: Meet your Global Partner! Mandatory for Participants.

6:30 - 8:00 PM     Meet Your Global Partner at a Pizza and Game Party at The Game Room, 2nd Floor UC.

You will be introduced to your Global Partner volunteer mentor at this fun party.   Pizza snacks will be served and you can play all the games for free (pool, table tennis, air hockey, Wii, etc)!   Note:  This event is only for those students who signed up to participate in the Global Partners Program.