Housing Information

UM Housing provides safe, clean, healthy, and affordable living and learning facilities that foster an inclusive community living environment for students, staff, faculty, and guests. The UM Housing Office manages three areas, Residence Halls, Lewis and Clark Village, and University Villages, which provides a variety of housing options for single students, students with dependents, and University guests.

The first official opening day of housing is the Saturday before classes start each semester. Early arrival is available starting the Saturday before the official opening day. Early arrival costs approximately $23.00 per night and no arrangements are required for early arrival housing. The early arrival fee will be added to your student account the first week of school.

Visit the UM Housing Office for more information and to view the housing options and cost information.  

 How to Apply

To live on campus, please complete the online housing application as soon as possible. Housing is first come first serve and if you apply late you may not receive housing assignment. For more information about housing costs, housing pictures, and descriptions, visit UM Housing.     

You must include a deposit when you submit your application. 


Residence Halls: $225
Lewis & Clark Village: $375
University Village: $350

Please apply for summer housing here. 

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 Residence Halls

UM residence halls

The Residence Halls are designed for single students and provide housing during Autumn and Spring semesters. Any student with less than 30 credits and without dependents is required to live in the Residence Halls. UM offers students a variety of option for their on-campus housing experience. 

UM Housing has nine different Residence Halls offering single rooms, double rooms, triple rooms, three-person pods, and four-person suites. They have one all-female hall, one all-male hall, and seven co-ed halls. The intercultural/international living/learning community is one of the on-campus housing options that help enhance meaningful interactions between American and international students. 

What's in my room?

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  • twin-size bed
  • desk
  • chest of drawers
  • closet
  • chair
  • bookshelf
  • overhead light
  • network connection
  • wastebasket
Students can order their room linens in advance from our online partner, On Campus Marketing. We encourage you to check out their website for linen options that you may purchase for your Residence Hall room. Go to the Our Campus Market website.

Lewis & Clark Village

Lewis & Clark Village offers furnished two-bedroom and three-bedroom apartments for single students who have achieved 60 or more credits. Apartments have common living space with the kitchen, bathroom, and living room with private bedrooms. Lewis & Clark Village is conveniently located on the South Campus of the University of Montana.

blue and grey building in the snow

Lewis & Clark is within close walking distance to campus and is just a short drive or bus ride to Missoula College.

Applications for Lewis & Clark apartments are accepted at any time; however, you must be accepted for admission to the University of Montana or Missoula College before housing can be assigned and you must have achieved 60 or more credits before moving in. All applications are assigned on a first applied, first assigned basis, based on the semester requested for initial move in. 

University Villages

blue and brick building in the snow

University Villages are unfurnished apartments ranging in size from studios to four-bedroom apartments. Housing priority is given to students who are married, have dependent children, and students who have disabilities. Single graduate and undergraduate students, as well as faculty and staff, may also live in the University Villages. 

University Villages are conveniently located on the South Campus of the University of Montana. University Villages are within a walking distance of the main campus and are just a short drive or bus ride (or a reasonable walk) to Missoula College.

Applications are accepted at any time; however, you must be accepted for admission to the University of Montana or Missoula College before housing can be assigned. The date indicated on the application as the earliest housing date wanted will affect your position on the waiting list. If a unit becomes available prior to the date you have indicated, you may not be offered that apartment; therefore, you will want to put down the earliest date you are willing to start paying rent on a unit.