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Strengths of International Education & Research at the University of Montana

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The University of Montana is a comprehensive, doctorial research university located in Missoula, Montana with affiliated campuses in Helena, Dillon, and Butte. The university offers a wide array of degree program in the liveral arts, sciences, professions, and technical fields.

Programs of study include forestry, education, law biology, engineering, foreign languages, business, and other fields. The University enjoys an international reputation in forestry, natural resources, and environmental science. 

The University has been involved in international education, consulting, and research for over seventy years. The student body represents over fifty nations and has a research and development record that extends to nearly every continent. The University has achieved a comparative advantage in fields that relate directly to Asia and the Pacific Rim, however the array of international program and scholarship is comprehensive in regional and disciplinary representation. 


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  • A rich variety of strong international academic, research, and training activities across a spectrum of fields and disciplines.
  • A faculty with strong credentials in the international arena, including a prolific record of research and scholarship of an international nature. The faculty are widely traveled, competent in foreign languages, conversant in the international aspects of their fields of study, and frequently called upon to provide funded services to international constituencies. 
  • Strong administrative support and encouragement for international activities by faculty.
  • A historic commitment to international education which has included student study abroad, recruitment and retention of international students, international university linkages and exchanges, and the inclusion of global content in nearly all academic fields of study. 
  • An excellent record of bringing international faculty and staff to the Missoula campus for teaching, research, and service assignments. 

Internationally Recognized Programs of Excellence

The University of Montana hosts a variety of scholars from all over the world. Many of our scholars come on exchange programs, short-term training, and as conference attendees. The University of Montana has several Internationally recognized centers of excellence in several fields;

Missoula is also the home of the world renowned International Heart institute at St. Patricks Hospital. The University of Montana and St. Patrick's Hospital are both affiliated with the International Heart Institute.

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