Humphrey Fellows Presentations at JRPC

Compilation of 2017 Humphrey Fellows headshots

The 2017 class of Hubert H. Humphrey Fellows, hosted by the English Language Institute, will give a series of presentations about social justice, sustainability, and human rights efforts in their respective countries. At least two Humphrey Fellows will share information about their professional efforts in their home countries and upcoming studies in the United States at each of the presentations. 

All of the presentations will be hosted at the Jeanette Rankin Peace Center, located at 519 South Higgins St., from 5:30 - 7:00 PM. The Humphrey Fellows presenters and topics are listed below for their respective presentation dates. For more detailed information on the 2017 Humphrey Fellows, please see their biographies.

Thursday, June 1

Bernardo Perez

Mr. Perez is an architectural design planner, consultant, and project supervisor from Nicaragua. His most recent project was the planning and supervision of an important architectural site, which combined environmental and urban issues into architectural design. He will study Urban and Planning Studies with the Hubert H. Humphrey Fellowship Program. 

Zhenquan Jiao

Dr. Jiao works for the Bureau for Disease Control and Prevention at the Chinese National Health and Family Planning Commission. His work focuses on preventing the spread of sexually transmitted diseases, and he hopes to share what he has learned in China and the U.S. through the Hubert H. Humphrey Fellowship Program. 

Thursday, June 8

Natalia Ariza Ramírez

Ms. Ramírez is an economist at the National University of Colombia (NUC) and specializes in designing, executing, monitoring, and evaluating public policies. She has led the implementation of public policy frameworks in the work and education sectors for the past 12 years.

Luis Alberto Hierro Sanchez

Mr. Sanchez is a law professor at the University of Havana and a judge at the Provincial Court of Havana, Cuba. He has also worked for the National Electoral Commission. His field of study is Public Administration and Public Policies Analysis. 

Fatma Hoşgör Tekeşin

Ms. Tekeşin is a lawyer originally from Bursa, Turkey. She received her law degree from Marmara University. She has her own practice and teaches family law at Istanbul Bilgi University. 

Thursday, June 15

Mireille L. Tchakounte Tchatat

Ms. Tchatat has a professional degree in Human Resource Management and works as a cooperation department assistant in the research and documentation center for the National School of Administration and Magistracy in Cameroon. 

Irma Burjanadze

Ms. Burjanadze works as an epidemiologist for the National Center for Disease Control and Public Health in Georgia. Her professional interest is using Geographic Information Systems (GIS) in studying and implementing disease control. 

Thursday, June 29

Zenaida Martinez Blanco

Ms. Blanco is a nurse, childbirth educator, and doula from Mexico. She is a published co-author of books and teaching materials on childbirth and is the co-founder of the International Center for Humanized Birth Studies in Oaxaca City. 

Juan Carlos Banda

Mr. Banda has worked for the Carabineros, the Chilean national police force, as a lieutenant, captain, major, and lieutenant colonel. He received his MBA from the Catholic University of the North and will continue his studies in human resources and administration through the Hubert H. Humphrey Fellows Program. 

Alireza Bayat

Mr. Bayat works for the Iranian National Center of Addiction Studies as a researcher and coordinator for administering sexual health services to vulnerable groups. His research has guided him to develop and implement a community-based skill-building approach to reduce sexual risk behaviors for those with substance abuse disorders.