International Festival Encore: Explore the World Through Films! (Free)


Thursday, April 11 at the UC Theater, 3rd Floor 

  Sponsored by Global Engagement Office, University of Montana    


5:00 PM The Story of China with Michael Wood: The Ming Dynasty

Explore China’s most famous dynasty as the award-winning host visits and tells the cultural story of the Ming Dynasty and its legacies, such as the Great Wall, the Forbidden City, the Temple of Heaven, the city of gardens at Suzhou, and the great artery of commerce, the Grand Canal.   Learn about the silk industry, ceramic and lacquer making, Ming garden design, explore the construction of a traditional wooden junk, and learn how this age came to an eventual decline.  Video Librarian calls this a “visually outstanding primer on Chinese History & Culture”.  1 hour


6:15 PM The Seven Wonders of the Muslim World

A series of intimate, 10-minute portraits that follows six young Muslims as they take the journey of a lifetime, bound for Saudi Arabia on their first pilgrimage to Mecca. This compelling documentary traces the history and message of Islam as it follows these young pilgrims, exploring their lives and beliefs as well as the beautiful and historic mosques where they worship. The journey visits Spain, Turkey, Mali, Iran, Israel Pakistan, and Saudi Arabia.  "Seven Wonders of the Muslim World" sheds light on the key tenets of the Muslim faith and at the same time reveals the stunning beauty of its major mosques.  1 hour

7:30 PM     Ireland’s Wild Coast

Journey along one of the most spectacular coastlines in the world with Emmy award-winning wildlife cameraman and host Colin Stafford-Johnson.  The documentary features Ireland’s West Coast landscape, man-made historical structures, and stunning wildlife wonders, as never before captured on camera.   2 hours