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Resources for COSMOS community

The following videos are resources for faculty and staff developed by PNW-COSMOS.

University of Idaho: Panel discussion led by Dr. Kim Winkelman on Recruitment and Retention of American Indian Graduate Students and Faculty.

Collaboration between University of Idaho and University of Montana:

University of Idaho's Dr. Nick Sanyal from PNW-COSMOS, UM's PNW-COSMOS and the Faculty Development Office Amy Kinch offered a workshop for Faculty at the UM campus on October 30th 2015. In the workshop Creating a campus culture to mentor Native students effectively Nick Sanyal, UI's Professor of Natural Resources and Society, and Kevin Kicking Woman, CHS Tribal Outreach Coordinator, discuss research-based and empirical approaches to guidance, support, and advocacy for Native students.

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Through the Indigenous Mentoring Program module 3, UM PNW-COSMOS grant coordinator and campus faculty and staff compiled a list of resources for our American Indian students. The excel file for those Resources is available for download.

American Indian Graduate Center has information about scholarships.

Planet Youth: The Native American Youth Connection has a webpage dedicated to Scholarship information for Native American students.

AISES receives $1.32 million from Intel to support Native American undergraduate and graduate students - the new Growing the Legacy is accepting applications.