Post-baccalaureate Admission


Post-baccalaureate admission is an undergraduate status held most often by students working on certification programs or a second bachelor's degree.

Post-baccalaureate credits

Post-baccalaureate students may take courses listed as graduate or undergraduate, as defined by the university catalog but will only earn undergraduate credit for these courses. Students do not earn graduate credit in post-baccalaureate status (Policy A7.000).

Financial aid

Applicants admitted as post-baccalaureate students may be eligible for limited financial aid. Post-baccalaureate students are assessed tuition and fees equivalent to the graduate nondegree and Master's level rate for all credits taken.

How to apply

Applying for admission as a post-baccalaureate student is a two-step process:

1.) Submit a completed admission application along with the application fee to UM's Enrollment Services Office.

2.) Request all required transcripts be sent directly to UM's Enrollment Services Office. You must provide a transcript from the institution at which you earned your bachelor's degree as well as transcripts for any course work taken beyond your degree.

The application form for post-baccalaureate status is the same application used for undergraduate admission. On Part 2 (Education Information) of the application form (both online and hard copy) there is a place to check second bachelor degree. The applicant should indicate the major of their second degree or teacher certification if they are working on a certification program.

For more information

For more information and application materials, visit the Enrollment Services Office website at :, or contact their office at:

Telephone: (406) 243-6266 or (800) 462-8636