Students who are seeking readmission to graduate programs fall into one of two categories.

1.) You requested a leave of absence and are returning at the end of your approved leave

You will be readmitted by completing the readmission form. However, you will not be required to obtain departmental signatures on the form or pay the $20 readmission fee. You can register for classes 24 hours after we have updated your student records file.

2.) You have not maintained continuous registration

You must complete a Readmission Form and pay a $20 Graduate School application fee. If you have been out of school for 24 months or more, you must also complete a Pre-Registration Immunization Requirement Form.

If your graduate program is willing to recommend readmission, you must meet with your program adviser and develop a plan and time-line for completing your graduate work. You will be readmitted to the Graduate School only when your program plans are approved by the Dean.

In an attempt to discourage students from stepping out of their programs without an approved leave of absence, the Graduate Council established a policy that readmitted students may be required to register for up to four credits not taken under continuous registration or additional terminal credits in their final term.

See more information in the Graduate Nondegree Readmission section.


With PDF forms, you can fill in the form online and print.