Time Limits and Recertification of Courses

WHEN: Prior To or During The Final Semester

Students are required to complete Masters or Doctorate program requirements within specific time limits.  Students going beyond the specified time limits must submit a Request for Extension of Graduate Program Form to the Graduate Dean for Approval.  All courses used to complete the degree requirements, including transfer credits, that are outside the time limits will have to be recertified for currency of knowledge.  The Graduate School will approve coursework based on the recommendation of the program. The procedures for determining if the student is up-to-date are flexible, and are left to the discretion of the department.

Programs may choose to interview the student, evaluate job or professional experiences, test for currency of knowledge in the comprehensive exam or thesis defense, or use other forms of assessment.  Students who have gone beyond the time limit permitted for their degree requirements, should meet with their advisors to determine if any of their coursework needs to be recertified before they apply to graduate.  The program must a memo or e-mail to the Graduate School recommending that the student's coursework be recertified after the faculty has determined that the student has met the program's qualifications for recertification.