Application for Graduation

Application for graduation

At least one semester before the Master's or Doctoral degree is to be awarded, the student must submit to the Graduate School one copy of the Application For Graduation Form (PDF form) and a graduation fee of $45.00. Refer to the graduation deadline calendars for the exact date of when to file paperwork.

The Graduate School will conduct a degree audit and send the department an electronic copy of the audit, along with your graduation application, early in the graduating semester, usually after the third week of classes.  The department and student should note any problems and rectify them at least two weeks prior to the end of the final semester by using a Graduation Amendment Form (PDF form). If the student fails to meet the original graduation date as requested on the form, the student may request the application be reactivated for the following semester by notifying the Graduate School one semester prior to the revised completion date. There is a $20.00 processing fee to roll your graduation application to the next semester.  An amendment form must accompany this request.

The following criteria should be used in filling out the graduation form:

1. At least half the credits required for your degree (excluding a combined total of 10 semester credits for thesis and research) will be at the 500 or 600 level. (In no case, however, will this rule require more than 18 semester credits of 500- or 600-level work.) To apply this rule to your course of study, subtract the number of thesis and research credits you completed (up to 10 semester credits only) from the minimum number of credits required for your degree. Half of the remaining credits must be in courses at the 500-600 level.

2. All requirements for the degree must have been completed within the required time limit (Policy C3.000) immediately preceding the date the degree is awarded.

3. Students may apply up to nine graduate/graduate non-degree semester credits or credits earned during a single semester, whichever is more, to a Master's degree program. Refer to the Transfer Credit Procedures.

4. At least 12 semester credits are required to be earned on campus or in residence centers at Helena (MPA students only), Great Falls, Yellow Bay, Billings, Kalispell, Dillon and Butte. Extension credits are accepted only from units of the Montana University System; permission of the student's program chair and the Graduate Dean is required for such credits to apply.

5. The Graduate School recommends that sometime during the final semester students review a copy of their transcript to be sure there are no errors in their academic record. Students can print their own unofficial transcript using Cyberbear.