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  1. TARA Information
    a.  Policy and eligibility
    b.  Preparing and Routing the TARA Eligibility Form
    c.  TARA Eligibility Form
  1. Teaching and Research Contracts
    a.  Teaching/Research Assistantship Contract
    b.  Directions for preparing the Teaching/Research Assistantship Contracts
    c.  Directions for routing the Teaching/Research Assistantship Contracts
  1. Teaching and Research Assistant Contracts Termination Forms
    a.  Termination Form
    b.  Instructions for completing the termination form and routing instructions
  1. Graduate Assistant Out-of-Pocket Expenses (Spreadsheet showing tuition and out-of-pocket expenses for graduate students)

TARA is the name for the new policy that was approved by the Board of Regents in November 2010.  This policy establishes a new tuition assessment classification (TARA) for nonresident graduate students who qualify that allows nonresident tuition to be set at 100% of resident tuition.

The Graduate School will determine and maintain the TARA tuition assessment status for graduate students. The TARA tuition assessment decisions will be made by the Graduate School after examining the TARA eligibility form and supporting documentation that programs submit to the Graduate School. 

Graduate programs will prepare and process teaching and research assistant contracts as they have done in the past.  If the programs have nonresident graduate students who qualify for the TARA designation, they must follow the instructions and prepare the forms in the “TARA Information” section above.  The TARA process is an additional step programs must take in the teaching and research assistantship contract process that is described in section 2.

Please contact Kelly Speer (Kelly.Speer@umontana.edu) in the Graduate School if you have any questions.