What's New

  1. TARA form for non-residents
  2. Definitions of Teaching/Research Assistants
  3. 6 credit minimum for Teaching/Research Assistant contracts - 6 credits is not full time
  4. New deadline for contracts.  TARA status can only be added or removed during the first 3 weeks of the semester.
  5. Programs must confirm residency before submitting the TARA eligibility form
    1. This is done in the Banner form UGASTDN
  6. FTE must be 0.5 or less, and should be computed so show an equivalent hourly wage greater than or equal to the Federal minimum wage.
  7. TARA box on Teaching/Research Assistant contract
  8. Termination form process
  9. All contracts will be prepared in the departments and routed to the proper authority for signatures for wages and tuition waivers.  One single copy of the signed contracts will be forwarded to The Graduate School.  The Graduate School will make the copies for Financial Aid and Human Resources and email a copy to the Department Contact.

For more information see the Procedures page.