Termination form instructions

Instructions for Completing the Graduate Student Teaching and/or Research Assistant Termination Form

This form is filled out when a graduate student will not finish the term of the contract they are currently working under.

Please use this form when you are changing the contract for any reason.  For example, change in index code for wages, change of fee waiver responsibility area, student moving from TA to RA.

Please attach a copy of the terminated contract to the form.

Routing Instructions.

This form should be filled out and routed as soon as you know that the graduate student will not complete the contract or the contract will be changed.  Departments complete the form and route one copy to The Graduate School.  The Graduate School will then send copies to financial aid, student payroll and then back to the department.

If you have any questions about the Termination Form, please contact Mara Baldwin in the Graduate School at x2572 or by e-mail at mara.baldwin@mso.umt.edu.

* This form will delete the prior contract.

* Prepare the new contract and route it as usual.