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2009 Conference

2009 Conference

The 2009 meeting took place on April 11 on the third floor of the University Center. There were presentations by graduate students and faculty, a poster session, a luncheon, and an award ceremony/reception. The roundtable discussion was entitled From Sustainability to Restoration: A Multi-Disciplinary Discussion. The discussion focused on the area of sustainability and restoration, especially as it pertains to research in graduate studies. Moderator: Hiltrud Arens, Dept of Modern and Classical Languages and Literatures. Panelists: John Maron, Division of Biological Sciences; Neva Hassanein, Dept of Environmental Studies; Nancy Cook, Dept of English Literature; S. Neyooxet Greymorning, Dept of Anthropology/Native American Studies.

Thanks to all who helped make this event a success and congratulations to the award winners. For more information on the 2009 conference, please see the links below:

2009 Conference Organizing Committee:

Earle Adams (Chemistry), Hiltrudis Arens (MCLL), Jill Bergman (English), Randy Bolton (Drama), Kathy Butler (Psychology/GSA), Duncan Campbell (Psychology), Min Chen (Computer Science), Casey Davis (Psychology/GSA), Kari Harris (Public Health), Curtis Noonan (College of Health Professions and Biomedical Sciences), Frank Rosenzweig (Division of Biological Sciences)

  • Organization Committee: Earle Adams, Isa Atkinson, Perry Brown, Duncan Campbell, Mary Kamensky, Greg Machek, David Moore, Sandy Ross, Kelly Speer, Elizabeth Covelli Metcalf, Alex Metcalf, Erica Woodahl, Leora Bar-el.