Jessica Andriolo Gregory

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My name is Jessica Andriolo Gregory. I have a bachelors of science degree from Montana State University in cell biology and neuroscience, and a masters in health science from the same institution. I am currently enrolled in the individualized interdisciplinary PhD program studying biology and engineering. My biological research focuses on bacteriophage (phage) and phage therapy. I am currently synthesizing nanoparticles that improve phage killing of bacterial cells. The engineering aspect of my research focuses on turning this potential anti-bacterial treatment into a consumer product that can be easily used. I will be working to perfect the design and fabrication of this treatment method as well as to ensure the adequate amount of treatment can be delivered and remain effective against bacterial invasion.

Current IGP students - Spring 2016

MIS Students IIP Students
Lorinda Bullington Meredith Berthelson
Iva Croff Adriana Degani
Reuben Darlington Anita Dupuis
Craig Meyers Jessica Gregory
Andrea Miller Anja Heister
Maria Santos Montana Hodges
Silas Smith Patrick McKay
Jodi (Rave) Spotted Bear Christopher Roos
Stanley Wilson Ranalda Tsosie
Marilyn Zimmerman

Montana Hodges

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Armed with degrees in geology and journalism, Montana Hodges has always taken an interdisciplinary approach to her research. Partially due to her patriotic name, she has traveled throughout the western United States as a freelance geologist and science writer. Whether she is backpacking in Denali National Park searching for elusive Alaskan dinosaur footprints, filming Superfund mining sites in Montana, or collecting 200 million year old coral in Mexico, science communication is on her mind. Her media works include a series of outdoor books for Falcon Guides. For her Master’s in science journalism, Montana focused on fossil sales and policy in the United States; her thesis “Dinosaur Wars” was a featured cover article in High Country News. She is currently working on an interdisciplinary PhD combining paleontology with girls’ education in STEM.

Marilyn J. Bruguier Zimmerman

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Marilyn J. Bruguier Zimmerman, MSW, Director, National Native Children’s Trauma Center is an enrolled member of the Assiniboine-Sioux tribes of the Fort Peck reservation. She is an Associate Director of the Institute for Educational Research and Service which allows her to work throughout the nation on culturally-relevant, evidence-based interventions to treat childhood traumatic stress, reduce risk factors and increase protective factors for substance abuse, violence and suicide amongst AI/AN youth. Ms. Bruguier Zimmerman believes that integrating culturally based practices—an important protective factor in Indian Country—into the evidence-based framework is necessary for schools and programs that serve American Indian students. She has extensive experience working with tribes providing expertise in the area of childhood trauma, suicide prevention, domestic violence, juvenile justice and substance abuse. She currently serves as a task force member of the National Action Alliance Suicide Prevention American Indian and Alaska Native Task Force; the Attorney General’s Defending Childhood American Indian and Alaska Native Children Exposed to Violence and on President Obama’s Commission to Eliminate Childhood Abuse and Neglect Fatalities