Graduate students have a range of housing options available at The University of Montana. Accommodations specifically for upperclass and graduate students provide convenient living space for individuals while still creating the atmosphere necessary for advanced academic pursuits.

Housing options available at The University of Montana include:

You must make your own arrangements for University housing and should do so as soon as possible after you receive your acceptance letter from the Graduate School. There may be a waiting list of several months especially for students with dependents.

Off-campus housing is usually not difficult to find in Missoula, however the cost of off-campus housing is usually somewhat more expensive than out-of-state students expect. We recommend that students begin looking for housing at least a month before the beginning of each semester. Below are two good resources to help you find housing:

UC Information Desk

The Information Desk in the UC Center maintains a list of off-campus housing.


The Missoulian is the local newspaper and includes classified ads for housing rentals