Recommendations for New Students

New student Checklist

  • Current address - update your address using Cyberbear. You will need your Net ID.
  • Set up your official University of Montana e-mail account. This e-mail account will be used to correspond with you on official university business, notify you of any charges you may owe the university for tuition and fees, library fines, parking fines, etc. Please make it a habit to check this e-mail account regularly because important university information will be sent to you at this e-mail address.
  • Make contact with department/adviser.
  • Arrive on campus with enough funds to support yourself for at least one month. Financial aid can be delayed.
  • Graduate students are strongly advised to contact the Financial Aid Office early in the summer in order to verify the status of their financial aid for fall.
  • Secure housing before final registration. Missoula rentals fill up rapidly right before school starts.
  • Become familiar with the Graduate School's web site. Procedures and deadlines for graduate students are posted regularly. Some programs have additional requirements and procedures for their students so become familiar with them.