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Submit Electronic Admission Files

Create Your Electronic Admission Files

You can use the following software link to properly format your electronic admission files.

Download Cutepdf Writer(Free software used to create .pdf files)

To create a folder containing your department's admission decisions, do the following:

Step 1: Create a new folder on your computer.

Step 2: Name the folder "Department Name" Admission Decisions. Example: Anthropology Admission Decisions

Step 3: Within the newly created "Department" Admission Decisions folder, create subfolders for Admissions and Denials.

Step 4: Within the Admissions and Denials subfolders, create a new subfolder for each individual applicant.

Step 5: Name the subfolder "Student Last Name", "Student First Name", "Student ID Number". Example: Doe, John, 790-12-3456

Step 6: Within the newly created individual student subfolder, save a document (MS Word or PDF) containing the following items in the order specified:

1. UM Academic Department's Recommendation for Graduate School Admission or Denial Form

Form Example:

Dept. Recommendation Form
2. Graduate School Application Summary Sheet

Form Example:

Grad School Application Page 1
Grad School Application Page 2
Grad School Application Page 3
3. Student's Undergraduate Transcript

Form Example:

Transcript Example Page 1
Transcript Example Page 2

4. Student's Resume

Form Example:

Student Resume Example Page 1
Student Resume Example Page 2

5. Student's Admission Essay

Form Example:

Admission Essay Example

Step 6: Once your department has completed its admission decisions process, proceed to the following section to submit your electronic admission files to the Graduate School.

Submit Your Electronic Admission Files

Step 1: Open a "My Computer" window.

Step 2: Paste or type into the address bar of your "My Computer" window and hit enter.

Step 3:
When you are prompted for a user name and password use the following:

  • user name: grad
  • password: school

Step 4: Open a separate "My Computer" window and browse to the file that you want to send to us.

Step 5: Drag and drop your file(s) into the "drop files here" folder.  You can also right click on your file and choose copy then right click on the "drop files here" folder and select paste.

If you have questions about submitting documents electronically, please contact Kelly Speer, the Technology Coordinator for the Graduate School at 406-243-2701 or