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Summer 2014 Seminars

Speaker Title  Date & Location

Louis J. DeFelice

Louis J. DeFelice

Virginia Commonwealth Univeristy, Medical Center


How Amphetamine Releases Dopamine: Current Models of Drug Abuse

(Special Seminar sponsored by Center for Biomolecular Structure & Dynamics and Center for Structural & Functional Neuroscience)

Graduate Student luncheon to follow in SB 387.

Thursday, July 24

11:00 AM

Skaggs Bldg. 169

Brian Weitzner

Brian Weitzner

Johns Hopkins University

Next-generation modeling: using all of the above approaches to improve antibody structure prediction

(Special Summer Seminar sponsored by Center for Biomolecular Structure & Dynamics)

Tuesday, July 29

12:00 PM

Interdisciplinary Science Bldg. 110

2014 Skaggs Biomedical Research Symposium

Online registration open until August 1

August 14-15, 2014


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