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Cellular, Molecular and Microbial Biology

The Cellular, Molecular and Microbial Biology program (formerly IMB) offers a wide range of opportunities for graduate study and research in the molecular biosciences. The faculty in biochemistry specialize in analysis of ribosome structure and function using cDNA oligomers, nucleic acid sequencing and synthesis, recombinant DNA technology, immunodeficiency diseases, metabolism, mechanisms of and resistance to antiviral drugs, enzyme kinetics and mechanisms of reaction, and cell signaling and apoptosis.

The members of the microbiology group encompass a wide range of microbial expertise. Research interests range from virology to parasitology. There is ongoing research in biochemical mechanisms underlying microbial and mammalian cell differentiation, composition and function of bacterial membranes, functions of outer membrane proteins and ribosomal proteins of pathogenic bacteria. Other research includes molecular mechanisms and immunobiology of viral, bacterial, and parasitic infections and disease pathology, host-parasite and host-environment interactions, and the molecular biology of facultative intracellular bacteria and bacterial insecticides, environmental microbiology and microbial bioremediation.

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