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Greening UM

The University of Montana


Business Management

Business & Sustainability (BMGT 491) Suzanne Tilleman


Environmental Chemistry (CHMY 541) Chris Palmer

Climate Change Studies

Climate Change Field Studies (CCS 352) Nicky Phear

Intro to Climate Change (CCS 103X) Nicky Phear

Science & Society (CCS 103X) Steve Running

Communication Studies

Communication & Conflict (COMM 412) Greg Larson

Communication, Consumption, & Climate (COMM 379) Steve Schwarze

Computer Science

Issues in Sustainability (BGEN/CS 160S) Lisa Swallow


Economics of the Environment (ECON 433) Katrina Mullan

Environmental Science

Intro to Environmental Science (ENSC 105) Vicki Watson

Scientific Approaches to Environmental Problems (ENSC 501) Len Broberg

Environmental Studies

Environmental Citizenship (ENST 476) Robin Saha

Environmental Justice Issues & Solutions (ENST 489) Robin Saha

Environmental Vision (ENST 335) Phil Condon

Intro to UM FLAT (Forum for Living with Appropriate Technology) (ENST 391) Len Broberg

Local Solutions to Climate Change (ENST 594) Robin Saha

Transboundary Environmental Issues (ENST 542) Len Broberg


Green Cities for the 21st Century (GPHY 191X) Ulrich Kamp

Natural Resource Management

Climate Change Ethics & Policy (NRSM 449E) Dane Scott

Climate & Society (NRSM 426) Laurie Yung

Global Cycles & Climate Change (NRSM 408) Cory Cleveland

Nature of Montana (NRSM 121) Laurie Yung

Society, Economy, & Environment of the Mekong Delta (NRSM 391) Dan Spencer


Environmental Ethics (PHIL 112e) Christopher Preston

Ethics & Animals (PHIL 504) Christopher Preston

History of Moral & Political Philosophy (PHIL 422) Christopher Preston

Political Science

Sustainable Climate Policy: China & USA (PSCI 324) Peter Koehn

Recreation Management

Tourism & Sustainability (PTRM 451W) Keith Bosak

Russian Studies

Introduction to Russian Culture (RUSS 105) Ona Renner-Fahey

Gender & Global Development (SOCI 371) Teresa Sobieszczyk

The Office of Sustainability
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Missoula MT, 59812