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Greening UM

The University of Montana



Food & Culture (ANTH 133) Garry Kerr

Business Administration

Topics in Sustainability (MBA 645) Lisa Swallow

Business Management

Business Ethics & Social Responsibility (BGEN 320E) Robert Walsh

Classical Civilization

Roman Culture & Civilization (CLAS 392)Linda Gillison

Climate Change Studies

Climate Change Internship (CCS 398) Nicky Phear


Communication & Technology (COMM 422)Greg Larson

Communicative Science & Disorders

Language & Learning Disorders in Young Children (CSD 550) Lucy Hart Paulson

Language Disorder (CSD 360) Lucy Hart Paulson

Counselor Education

Ethics & Professional Development (COUN 615) Rita Sommers

Culinary Arts

Baking & Pastry (CULA 165) Thomas Campbell

Culinary Arts Capstone (CULA 299) Thomas Campbell

Dining Room Procedures (CULA 156) Thomas Campbell

Introduction to Food Service (CULA 101) Thomas Campbell

Meats and Vegetables (CULA 161) Thomas Campbell

Nutritional Cooking (CULA 210) Thomas Campbell

Pantry and Garde-Manager (CULA 157) Thomas Campbell

Patisserie (CULA 275) Thomas Campbell

Purchasing & Cost Controls (CULA 270) Thomas Campbell

Short Order Cookery (CULA 158) Thomas Campbell

Soups, Stocks, and Sauces (CULA 160) Thomas Campbell

Environmental Science

Applied Ecology (ENSC 360) Vicki Watson

Environmental Impact Analysis (ENSC 560) Vicki Watson

Pollution Ecology (ENSC 550) Vicki Watson

Watershed Conservation Ecology (ENSC 540) Vicki Watson

Environmental Studies

Environmental Law (ENST 382) Len Broberg

Environmental Law for Non-Lawyers (ENST 502) Len Broberg

Environmental Politics & Policy (ENST 367) Robin Saha

Literature of Nature Writing (ENST 505) Phil Condon

Philosophy of Ecology (ENST/PHIL 504) Deborah Sliver


Africa (GPHY 243X) Jeff Gritsner

Cultural Ecology (GPHY 433) Jeff Gritsner

Environmental Planning (GPHY 466) David Shively

Environmental Hazards & Planning (GPHY 435) Sarah Halverson

Exploration & Discovery (GPHY 432) Jeff Gritsner

Field Techniques (GPHY 385) Tom Sullivan

Food & Famine (GPHY 434) Jeff Gritsner

Gender & International Development (GPHY 500) Sarah Halverson

Geography of World Regions (GPHY 141S) Sarah Halverson

High Asia (GPHY 444) Sarah Halverson

Introduction to Human Geography (GPHY 121S) David Shively

Montana's Mountains (GPHY 144) Sarah Halverson

Mountains & Society (GPHY 338) Sarah Halverson

Planning Design (GPHY 564) David Shively

Planning Principles & Processes (GPHY 465) David Shively

Sustainable Cities (GPHY 421) Ulrich Kamp

The Middle East (GPHY 336) Jeff Gritsner

The Human Role in Environmental Change (GPHY 432) Jeff Gritsner

Water Policy (GPHY 335) David Shively


Regionalism & the Rocky Mountain West (HSTR 462) Jeff Gritsner


Land Use Planning (LAW 687) Michelle Bryan Mudd

Water Law (LAW 663) Michelle Bryan Mudd


Imagining Sustainability in American Culture (LIT 494) Nancy Cook

Literature & the Environment (LIT 373) Nancy Cook


Principles of Marketing (BMKT 325) Emily Plant

Natural Resource Management

Climate & Society (NRSM 426)


History of Ancient & Medieval Philosophy (PHIL 261) Albert Borgmann

History of Modern Philosophy (PHIL 263) Albert Borgmann

Philosophy of Ecology (EVST/PHIL 504) Deborah Sliver

Philosophy of Forum Colloquium (PHIL 510) Albert Borgmann

Philosophy of Language (PHIL 471) Albert Borgmann

Philosophy of Society & Culture (PHIL 477) Albert Borgmann

Political Science

Development Administration (PSCI 463) Peter Koehn

Recreation Management

Recreation Planning (PTRM 485) Tom Sullivan

Tourism Livelihoods & Sustainability in the Himalayas (PTRM 353) Keith Bosak


Environmental Sociology (SOCI 470) Teresa Sobieszczyk

Introduction to Development (SOCI 270) Teresa Sobieszczyk

Population & Society (SOCI 355) Teresa Sobieszczyk


Advanced Conversations (SPNS 321) Alicia Gignoux

Elementary Spanish I (SPNS 101) Alicia Gignoux

Elementary Spanish II (SPNS 102) Alicia Gignoux


Introduction to Writing (WRIT 101) Marcia Kmetz

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