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Greening UM

The University of Montana



The Office of Sustainability evolved out of the efforts of the Sustainable Campus Committee, Facility Services Sustainability Initiatives Team, ASUM Sustainability, and the Recycling Oversight Committee.  These groups coordinated various campus sustainability efforts and worked hard to create a united Office of Sustainability with a full-time Sustainability Coordinator.  The first Sustainability Coordinator for the Office of Sustainability, Cherie Peacock, started January, 2009.  The Office of Sustainability includes the ASUM Sustainability Coordinator, the full-time Recycling Coordinator, and students hired to collect and process recyclable materials.

Currently the primary charge to the Office of Sustainability is to complete a Climate Action Plan for The University of Montana.  The plan will document analyzed and prioritized strategies to reduce and neutralize campus emissions of green house gases.  A range of recommendations will be developed over the next few months and proposed to the President for approval later in 2009.

The Office of Sustainability is responsible for implementing recycling on campus and coordinating a variety of efforts in support of overall campus sustainability.  Activities that have been ongoing for a number of years include alternative transportation, farm-to-college food services, facility energy conservation measures, energy-efficient new construction, and education on the environment and climate change.   The Office of Sustainability also networks and solicits feedback from the local Missoula community.

Contact: Cherie Peacock


Promote, develop and implement.

The ASUM Sustainability Center serves as a resource to help students promote, develop and implement sustainability efforts and activities at the University of Montana. The center organizes educational outreach programs such as Focus the Nation, campus-wide dumpster dives, "Free Water" campaign, and much more. The Sustainability Center aims to provide an outlet for students who want to be involved in campus sustainability initiatives.

If you're interested in volunteering or interning, please contact Stacy Boman, ASUM Sustainability Coordinator:


Universities must play a leading role in education, research, policy development, information exchange, and community outreach in order to help create an equitable and sustainable future. The Sustainable Campus Committee recognizes the importance of this and aims to lead by example through the adoption of the Talloires Declaration's ten principles. By identifying and recommending projects that move the University towards sustainability, the Committee will provide momentum and guidance to UM administration, faculty, staff, and students to achieve environmentally and socially responsible living.

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To find internships that have a sustainability focus search the UM Internship Services


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Greening UM

The Office of Sustainability
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