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Greening UM

The University of Montana


There are many student groups on campus that are involved in promoting sustainability. Below are a few active groups on campus. 


UM FLAT - Forum for Living with Appropriate Technology The UM FLAT (Forum for Living with Appropriate Technology) is an experiential live-in resource (house) for UM students demonstrating the practicality of sustainable living. By experimenting with and educating others about the social, ethical, and environmental benefits of appropriate technology, the UM FLAT will help to establish the University of Montana as a model for exhibiting efficient building practices. The ultimate goal of the UM FLAT is to encourage the development of efficient and affordable homes for a sustainable society. By retro-fitting an existing home the utility of the UM FLAT demonstration resources could be easily applied to the Missoula community.

To learn more visit: UM FLAT and Watch the Video

Contact: Derek Kanwischer, EVST Graduate Program


A mission to build bridges.UM CAN's mission is to build bridges between faculty, students, and community through active public engagement to work towards a sustainable and carbon neutral campus. They are an organization of more than fifty students, representing several departments campus-wide and with members ranging from freshmen to graduate students.

To learn more contact: UM Climate Action Now

Or visit the UM CAN website!

Check out the Climate Action Now! Blog, too!


CAMAS Camas is a literary magazine published in the Environmental Studies Graduate Program of the University of Montana. Camas is created and produced completely by graduate students in the Environmental Studies department. Our goals are to encourage a dialogue on environmental and cultural issues in the West, celebrate the people who work, study, write, and live here, and to provide an opportunity for students and emerging writers to publish their work alongside established environmental authors.

For more information visit: CAMAS


Students for Real Food is student group aimed at educating, inspiring and taking action for a just and sustainable food system within Montana. Real food encompasses a concern for producers, consumers, communities, and the earth. We believe that good, clean, and fair (REAL) food is a right, not a privilege. We work towards a community and world where food justice is assured for all. 

To learn more contact:

 A campus that is involved.ENVIRONMENTAL LAW GROUP

The Environmental Law Group (ELG) is a recognized student group of the University of Montana founded for the purpose of raising environmental consciousness within the legal community. By educating law students today, we create the environmentally committed attorneys of tomorrow. The ELG is committed to a platform founded on the preservation and protection of Montana's waters, lands, and animals. To this end, the ELG strives to make a difference through the law.

To learn more visit: Environmental Law Group


MontPIRG (Montana Public Interest Group)
MontPIRG's aim is to be a voice for the public interest in support of a clean and healthful environment, a fair marketplace for consumers, and an open and responsive government.

To learn more visit: MontPIRG


The opportunity to participate.

The purpose of the A&WMA is to offer students an opportunity to participate in conferences, be eligible for scholarships and internships and to attend environmental seminars.

For more information contact: Megan Bergauff or visit: A&WMA


The "Forestry Club" is an association where students can come together to discuss, and participate in, numerous school related events such as the Annual Forester's Ball, the UM Woodsman's Team, and the Lubrecht Experimental Forest Section 13 management, along with many other events.

To learn more contact: Forestry Student Association

To see all ASUM recognized student groups visit: Recognized Student Groups

Greening UM

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