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Greening UM

The University of Montana


Meeting are usually held the 1st Monday of every month.  For the academic year 2011/12, meetings are held from 12pm - 1pm in room UC 329.  Meetings are open to all staff, faculty and students. 


Note: The SCC is continually recruiting new subcommittee members & interns.
If interested in serving, contact the chair: SCC.


Steven Mumblo, 2011-2012

David Schaad, 2011-2012

Stacy Boman, ASUM Coordinator, 2011-2012


Irma Russell, Dean of School of Law - term 2011-2012

James McKusick, Dean of Davidson Honors College - term 2011-2012

Liz Roosa Millar, University Center Director, term 2011-2012


David Shively, Associate Professor of Geography, term 2011-2012

Robin Saha, Environmental Studies, term 2010-2011

Steve Siebert, College of Forestry & Conservation, term 2010-2011


Cherie Peacock, Office of Sustainabillity, SCC Chair, term 2009-2011

Jordan Hess, Mansfield Library, Web Developer, term 2011-2012

Brian Kerns, Alternative Energy Research & Development, MonTec, term 2000-2011

Sue Malek, School of Business/Dean, term 2010-2011

Greening UM

The Office of Sustainability
UM Facilities Services PP 110
32 Campus Dr MS 9288
Missoula MT, 59812