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Greening UM

The University of Montana


Mission Statement:

Universities must play a leading role in education, research, policy development, information exchange, and community outreach in order to help create an equitable and sustainable future. The Sustainable Campus Committee recognizes the importance of this and aims to lead by example through the adoption of the Talloires Declaration's ten principles. By identifying and recommending projects that move the University towards sustainability, the Committee will provide momentum and guidance to UM administration, faculty, staff, and students to achieve environmentally and socially responsible living.


To identify and recommend to the University President specific actions and stategic plans the University community can pursue to move the University towards greater environmental sustainability in its operations, research, teaching and servivce/outreach functions. To collaborate with on-campus and off-campus groups to implement these actions and plans and sustain them over time. To report to the campus community on the state of the university's sustainability efforts and on future plans each Earth Day.

Committee structure:

  • The committee shall be composed of 12 members from the faculty, staff, administration, and students at the University of Montana.
  • The committee members will be appointed by the UM President on the recommendation of ASUM, Staff Senate, Faculty Senate or the SCC.
  • Members will serve two year terms.
  • To capture a diversity of perspectives, the committee will draw from a variety of departments and services found on the campus.
  • There will be three representatives from each of the following: administration, faculty, staff and students.

Students representations will usually include an ASUM representative, a MTPIRG representative, a graduate student.

(EVST or other interested department)

  • The committee will elect a chair.
  • The full committee will meet monthly in September, October, November, February, March & April

Subcommittees will be formed and meet more frequently as needed to get committee business done.

  • The committee will set goals for the coming year and determine/review long-term vision for the coming 5-10 years.
  • The committee will develop an annual report covering goals achieved, plans for the future, and reflection on the ten principles/actions of the Talloires Declaration. This report will be reviewed by President Dennison and any other interested parties. The report will be presented on Earth Day (April 22) to acknowledge the positive efforts being made throughout the campus.
  • The committee will collaborate with and support groups and departments that are working to create a sustainable campus.

Greening UM

The Office of Sustainability
UM Facilities Services PP 110
32 Campus Dr MS 9288
Missoula MT, 59812