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Greening UM

The University of Montana


There are many departments on campus that have made sustainability a priority. Below are some departments that we know about. If your department is involved in “Greening UM,” please let us know and we will highlight you on this site.

Contact: The Office of Sustainability


The UC Market offers Fair Trade/ shade grown coffee, organic chocolate, and local food options, and gives reduced pricing for using your own coffee mugs. The Bookstore has been collaborating with UM sustainability efforts and has also been proactive in incorporating sustainable purchasing options into their inventory. Their bags are 100% recycled plastic, and they sell compact florescent light bulbs, reusable tote bags, recycled binders and notebooks, and more. At the start of the spring semester the Bookstore gave out reusable shopping bags to all their customers as a part of an educational campaign to reduce plastic bag usage and waste. During Earth Week they are giving away 100 CFL bulbs!

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To learn how to be more earth friendly, check out weekly tips posted on The Bookstore's office supplies website "Greening UM" blog check it out.



The Mansfield Library, in support of campus sustainability initiatives, has taken small and large steps to reduce resource consumption and waste stream generation, and to reuse and recycle materials, as well as reviewing what it could further do to operate in a more sustainable but cost effective way. Examples of library actions and policies include serving as a campus collection point for public recycling; relabeling deposit bins to make everyone aware of new expanded recycling options; switching to electronic checkout and billing notices instead of printing paper notices; switching to recycled and post consumer content paper in Copy Center; switching off staff and public computers when not in use; and purchasing energy efficient and energy star compliant copiers and computers. Many other libraries and library associations are also reflecting on their environmental impacts and have started communicating about their efforts and activities at national conferences and in various publications.

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Greening UM

The Office of Sustainability
UM Facilities Services PP 110
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