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Greening UM

The University of Montana

UM Eco-Rep Program

With the recent publication of The University of Montana’s first Climate Action Plan, the University is poised to initiate energy savings strategies in campus buildings while educating the campus community on the benefits of environmentally sustainable living behavior. As stated in the plan, one of the best ways to save energy and consequently save on energy spending is behavior change at every level of campus involvement.  Because students spend much of their time in residence halls, these housing units are prime spots to create a program that trains student leaders to educate their peers on how to live in an environmentally friendly manner.  This semester, the ASUM Sustainability Center and Residence Life are launching our very own UM Eco-Rep program!


Who are the Eco-Reps


Meet the UM Eco-Reps:

Eliza Allison is a Resident Assitant in Jesse Hall AND the Eco-Rep for that dorm. 

Catelyn Epperson is the Eco-Rep for Craig Hall.

David Schaad is a Resident Technology Assistant AND the Eco-Rep for Elrod/Duniway Hall.

Check out their weekly blog posts on being an Eco-Rep and their current activities at:


Eco-Rep Program Goals

  • Mobilize a new generation of UM’s student body to think critically about how their actions effect the environment in which they live, specifically on UM’s campus.
  • Create environmental student leaders who will gain skills in leadership development. 
  • Assist the recycling program with better student sorting and education.
  • Cut down on energy bills by educating students on campus energy use and energy saving behaviors.
  • Work toward the Climate Action Plan of carbon neutrality by implementing behavior changes. 


Eco-Rep Responsibilities

  •  Communicate with Dorm Residents about Environmentally Responsible Behavior through Eco-Rep bulletin boards, dorm meetings, projects, competitions and events!
  • Increase Efficiency in Dorms through green dorm room education, energy efficiency education and dorm competitions!
  • Be a Voice between Students, Residence Life and Administration  and bring ideas to and from the residence halls at UM!

The Office of Sustainability
UM Facilities Services PP 110
32 Campus Dr MS 9288
Missoula MT, 59812