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Greening UM

The University of Montana


The University of Montana grounds staff manages over 50 acres of landscape, including over 2 million square feet of turf. The staff was recognized for their excellent work when they won the National Grand Award from the Professional Grounds Management Society in 1994 and again in 2002 when they received an honorable mention award.

Commitment to improving facilities and reducing the footprint.


The Arboretum Committee's charge is to plan appropriately to assure development of the Main Campus as the State Arboretum and to facilitate the scientific study and public exhibition of many species of trees and shrubs and to establish and maintain a living collection of plantings for public education, student instruction, scenic beauty, and a natural biological legacy for the citizens of Montana.

For more visit: Aboretum Committee


The Integrated Plant Management Committee

This document serves as a guide to help reduce the negative impacts of construction on trees. The tree protection standards and specifications are intended to insure that appropriate practices will be implemented in the field to eliminate or mitigate undesirable consequences that may result from construction activities.

To view the document visit: Tree Protection


The Integrated Plant Management Committee's charge is to review natural resource management programs that deal with weed management and make recommendations to the president regarding budget and policy decisions.

For more visit: Integrated Plant


The Integrated Plant Management Committee

Adopted in 2006 and serves to provide a vegetation management plan for UM natural areas, including Mt Sentinel and Fort Missoula.


Adopted in 2006. This plan identifies the University of Montana's management goals, philosophy of pest management, and specific management activities to be used by UM staff to maintain an attractive, healthy and sustainable landscaped campus.

To read the entire document visit: Outdoor Pest Management


The University Center Gardens

The University Center is lucky enough to host an expansive indoor garden located in the atrium, as well as various outdoor gardens around the perimeter of the building. The UC Gardens are intended to enhance a safe, educational, and beautiful experience without adverse effects for the surrounding natural environment. The gardens serve as a living laboratory and resource for classes, internships and independent studies. Montana artists and students use the gardens to display their work. In addition, University Catering guests consume fresh in-season vegetables and herbs straight from the outdoor gardens while local agencies benefit from the excess harvest.

To learn more about the history, care and functions of the garden, visit: UC Gardens


MT. Sentinel and Fort Missoula
The University of Montana (UM) is fortunate to have several hundred acres of natural areas in Missoula County. These include dry grasslands and open forests on the slopes of Mt Sentinel adjacent to the main campus, as well as old growth cottonwood galleries along the Bitterroot River at Fort Missoula. These properties were acquired by UM with the intent of providing areas for natural areas research, education, recreation opportunities, and wildlife habitat. Because these values are threatened by the presence of invasive plants, UM has designed a Natural Areas Vegetation Management Plan.

To learn more about the plan visit: MT. Sentinel Management


28,000 acre outdoor classroom.

The Lubrecht Experimental Forest is a 28,000 acre outdoor classroom and laboratory located 30 miles northeast of Missoula, Montana in the Blackfoot River drainage. The Montana Forest and Conservation Experiment Station of the University of Montana owns and operates 21,000 acres of the Forest. The remainder is under the jurisdiction of the Montana Department of Natural Resources and Conservation and is managed cooperatively with the Experiment Station. In addition, both undergraduate and graduate students use the forest to further their education in forestry and the related fields of range, wildlife, fire management and watershed management. To learn more about Lubrecht Forest visit: Lubrecht Experimental Forest

Greening UM

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