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Greening UM

The University of Montana


20 X 10 Initiative

Beginning on January 1, 2008, all Montana state agencies are charged with the task of reducing their facility energy requirements by 20% by 2010. Reductions will be sought in electricity, natural gas, propane and fuel oil use.

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At the start of the 2008/2009 academic year, President Dennison launched the first phase of the University's energy conservation measures. The following is the list of measures he announced:

Space Heaters

Facilities Services will no longer issue space heaters, effective immediately. University policy prohibits the use of personal space heaters.

Hallway Lighting

Facilities Services will begin immediately the installation of energy efficient lighting fixtures in campus buildings. Completion of the project will require several months and a considerable amount of funding, but the reduction in energy costs clearly makes it worthwhile. Facilities will also selectively begin disconnecting some non-essential lights to reduce energy consumption.

Night Setback

Beginning in October, Facilities Services will maintain campus buildings at 60 degrees from 10:00 PM to 5:00 AM daily.

LEED-09 Design Standards

The University has adopted and will adhere to the LEED-09 design standards, making all new construction and renovation as energy efficient as possible.

Vehicle Speed Limit

All persons renting vehicles from Transportation Services must adhere to the speed limit of 65 MPH or forfeit the right of rental.

Energy Star

The University will acquire only those appliances certified as Energy Star compliant.

Greening UM

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