About Us

Mission Statement

The Griz Card Center strives to support the educational mission of the University of Montana by providing an essential identification and access management system to the campus community using innovative technology and collaboration across campus to deliver convenience, efficiency, statistical data, and security using one card. The Griz Card functions as the University photo identification card and serves to authenticate access to resources and services on and off campus. 


The Griz Card Center was honored to accept the NACCU 2018 Innovative Technology Award on behalf of the University of Montana. 

Griz Card Center General Contact Information

E-mail: GrizCard@umontana.edu
Phone: (406) 243-6943
Fax: (406) 243-5934

Griz Card Center
UC 124
The University of Montana
Missoula, MT 59812

Staff Information

Maggie McCarthy, Manager

Phone: 406-243-4752

Email: maggie.mccarthy@umontana.edu

Maggie currently oversees the day-to-day processes of the Griz Card Center and the Griz Card managed systems (Blackboard Transact, Sequoia Quadpoint, Orbital Shift). Her favorite part of the job is troubleshooting odd problems (she loves a mystery), supervising the Griz Card Center's student employees, and her participation in NACCU (National Association of Campus Card Users). Maggie graduated from the University of Montana with a Marketing degree, and worked in the card office as a student before graduating and becoming a full-time staff member. Outside of work, Maggie enjoys being a wife and mom, while still trying to sneak in time for crafts, home improvement projects, gardening, and cooking peanut buttery desserts.

Jordan Lyman, Systems Support Specialist

Phone: (406) 243-4734

Email: jordan.lyman@mso.umt.edu

Jordan joined the Griz Card Center in 2018, after working in different parts of campus over his college career. He assists with installation, maintenance, configuration, and troubleshooting of all software applications managed by the Griz Card Center. His favorite part of the job is the light bulb moments with the systems, where things suddenly come together. He is currently finishing up his BS in Biology at the university, while minoring in Computer Science. He worked for Student Affairs IT for a couple years as a Technology Educator and Consultant, before taking the opportunity to work for the Griz Card Center. Jordan is originally from Moscow, Idaho, but he left home to explore Montana. During his days off, he loves to go hiking through Pattee Canyon, enjoy a cup of coffee at a café, or game it up on his PC.

Melissa Neidigh, Associate Director of UM Housing - Operations

Phone: (406) 243-2611

Email: melissa.neidigh@mso.umt.edu