Temporary & Replacement Cards

Temporary Cards

Temporary Cards are available for checkout when a Griz Card is temporarily lost. Cardholders are allowed one free temporary card per semester, and the temporary card works for one week. By checking out a temporary card, your Griz Card functions will be transferred to the temporary card, and your real Griz Card will be deactivated until you return the temporary card. Photo ID is required to checkout a temporary card. Lost or mutilated temporary cards are subject to a $15 lost temp card fee. 

Replacement Cards

Replacement Cards for old, worn out, damaged, permanently lost, or stolen cards are available. Photo ID is required if we do not have your current Griz Card photo in our system, and there is a $15 replacement card fee. By purchasing a replacement card, your lost or stolen card will be deactivated and all of the Griz Card functions (e.g. accounts and access) will be transferred to the new card. Although all exterior door and some interior door access will automatically transfer, UM Housing apartment/room keys and Campus Lock Shop door access (for the hotel style dip-door locks) will need to be reprogrammed to your card. 

Please report your missing Griz Card immediately. Report your Griz Card lost online 24 hours a day or call (406) 243-6943 during business hours, 8am-5pm Monday through Friday. 

University employees or representatives, and off-campus UMoney merchants have the right to judge whether damage to a card is at a point where it is invalid and will no longer be accepted. Please read the Damaged Griz Card Policy for more details.