What if I lose my Griz Card?

Report Card Lost or Stolen

Please report your missing Griz Card immediately. Deactivate your Griz Card online 24 hours a day or call (406) 243-6943 during business hours, 8:00am-5:00pm Monday through Friday. Once you report your Griz Card as missing, it is deactivated to prevent unauthorized use of your privileges including door access, meal plans, and UMoney. You are responsible for any activity with your Griz Card prior to reporting it lost or stolen.

To deactivate your card online, simply log in to umt.edu/eaccounts using your NetID. Once logged in, choose "Card Services" along the top navigation. Your card number will be displayed. Select the "Deactivate Card" button to immediately deactivate your card and prevent unauthorized use. You will receive an email confirmation that your card has been successfully deactivated.

If you locate your missing Griz Card, please visit the Griz Card Center in the UC to have it reinstated. For your protection, we will not reinstate a Griz Card over the phone, via email, or by means of a friend or relative. The cardholder must visit the Griz Card Center in person to have the card reinstated.

The Griz Card Center offers replacement cards and temporary cards for situations when your card is misplaced, lost or stolen.