What is a Griz Card?

The Griz Card is the official University of Montana identification card. It provides easy access to University of Montana resources and packs a wealth of innovative technologies into one powerful and convenient card. It is your student's lifeline to campus. Your student will use their card to:

  • Access their Residence Hall and other buildings
  • Purchase food and services using UMoney
  • Dine on campus using their Meal Plan, Flex Dollars, or Bear Bucks
  • Attend athletic events including Football and Basketball
  • Work out at the Rec Center and Grizzly Pool
  • Attend special events on campus, such as the Career Services job fair
  • Print & purchase copies using UMoney
  • Check-out Library Materials and Technology Equipment
  • Scrape their windshield after the first hard freeze (Wait, no! Please not that!)

What is UMoney?

UMoney is a prepaid flexible spending account accessed by the University of Montana Griz Card. Deposit funds into your student's UMoney account and they will enjoy the convenience of being able to make purchases at over 60 on and off-campus locations. Transactions are automatically deducted from the account, and the balance is displayed.

On-campus merchants include the bookstore, food venues, copy center, snack and beverage vending machines, computer lab printing, hair salon, and mail services. The 30+ off-campus merchants include restaurants, laundry and dry cleaning, entertainment and music, grocery and convenience stores, healthcare, recreation, florists, gas stations, and a car wash. UMoney makes it easy for students to purchase items at their favorite locations and find discounts around town; see our complete merchant list.

Why use UMoney?                                                                                                     

As a parent, you can give your student money knowing it will be secure and that spending can be monitored. UMoney Merchants are selected in the interest of the student's well-being, meaning you don't have to worry about your money being spent on something like a new tattoo. Your student can grant you guest access to the Griz Card eAccounts site so that you can check the balance and view transactions on their UMoney account. Make sure their spending money is put to good use, deposit UMoney today!

So how much UMoney should I deposit?

Each person's spending habits are different, so we can't really recommend a specific amount. It is quick and easy to make deposits online or setup reoccuring deposits, so it doesn't hurt to start with a smaller amount and adjust throughout the semester as you learn your student's spending habits. Don't forget - UMoney makes a perfect 'pick me up' during a tough week or a 'good job' for acing a test.

How do I deposit UMoney?

There are many options for making UMoney deposits. From sending a check to making an online deposit, we strive to make it easy and convenient for you. 

Have questions?

Please visit us or call our office at (406) 243-6943. You can also e-mail us at