Building Access

Residence Halls

Elrod HallYou will use your Griz Card to access your residence hall and area desk hall. Some halls also have doors inside the building to restrict access to certain areas or floors. The Griz Card Center recommends that you carry your Griz Card with you at all times when you live in the residence halls. You should not loan your Griz Card to others as you are responsible for all activity that takes place within your assigned hall and room. Your residence hall access, not including your room access card, will be automatically setup on your Griz Card when you check-in.

Halls also use access cards for residents' room access. Students will receive an additional access card for their room upon check-in. During the academic semesters, students may choose to combine the access card and Griz Card by having their room access programmed onto their Griz Card. UM Housing in Turner Hall will program your room access onto your Griz Card beginning the second week of each semester. 

Please contact the Residence Life Office if you have questions regarding your room or building access. 

Building Access

Your Griz Card may be programmed to allow you to swipe into buildings or areas when the doors are locked. Many buildings have exterior Griz Card swipe access for after hours, and some computer labs or high security areas use the Griz Card for access 24/7. Each non-residence hall building has an authorized contact(s) that can request door access changes or door schedule changes for the building or area. If you believe that you need access into a specific area or building, please contact your supervisor or professor (if the access is for a class). If you are unsure of who to talk to, please contact the Griz Card Center for assistance.