UMoney is a powerful feature of your Griz Card. It is a prepaid flexible spending account that allows you to purchase food, goods, and services at over 60 different locations both on and off campus. Discover UMoney, the safe and easy way to make purchases using your Griz Card....just swipe and go!

Why should I deposit to an UMoney account?

Convenience, flexibility, safety and discounts. Your favorite location requires a minimum purchase amount for debit and credit cards? The vending machine is flashing correct change only? Don't want to carry cash? UMoney is a fast and secure way to make purchases both on and off campus, and makes it easy to budget your money throughout the semester. Most off campus merchants will give you a discount when you pay with Griz Card UMoney. Please call, email, or visit the Griz Card Center to find out more about the benefits of UMoney.

How is my account protected?

Your UMoney is accessed using your University ID Card, so when you present it for purchases you will be providing the merchant with your photo and signature. Our merchants are then responsible to make sure the person using the Griz Card matches the photo ID and signature.

How do I view my account balance and transaction history?

You can visit the Griz Card Center to check your balance and request transaction history reports, or you can check your balance at the Griz Card Kiosk located outside the Griz Card Center. You can also view your account balance, transaction history, or recent deposits online by logging into Griz Card eAccounts.

 Please contact us if you need assistance registering for a login or making a deposit via eAccounts.

Can I withdraw cash from my UMoney?

You cannot withdraw cash from the UMoney account unless you are withdrawing from UM, graduate at the end of a semester, are terminated as an employee, or have other special circumstances. If you meet the requirements, the entire UMoney balance must be withdrawn from the account. A $25.00 administrative fee is applied to the remaining balance of the UMoney Account for UMoney refunds.  The refund will be issued in accordance with the Universtiy of Montana's refund account procedures. If you owe money to the University, the refund will be applied to your balance due. Please email us requesting the form or visit the Griz Card Center to complete a UMoney Refund Request Form.

Does UMoney expire at the end of the semester or while I'm on exchange?

UMoney accounts roll over from semester to semester, however accounts that have been inactive for over twelve months will be identified as unclaimed property and will be closed immediately at that time. A UMoney account is inactive if no deposits or purchases were recorded during a consecutive period of time. Under Montana State law, the funds will be processed as unclaimed property and turned over to the Montana Department of Revenue if the account is inactive for twelve months. Please see the UMoney Terms and Conditions for more information.

How do I activate a UMoney account?

Getting started is easy and free. There are no forms to fill out or fees to pay and no minimum deposit is required-simply activate your account with an initial deposit.

Please read the UMoney Terms & Conditions.