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Welcome to the GrizMart participating vendors page. Below is a comprehensive list of vendors that have been enabled to do business with The University of Montana within GrizMart. All GrizMart participating vendors that have an established contract in place as noted in the vendor type column below do not require competitive bidding or sole source justification regardless of the total aggregate cost of the purchase order.

The Procurement Office welcomes your feedback on the performance of our GrizMart participating vendors. Please send any comments and/or suggestions to GrizMart.




Beckman Coulter


Research Hosted No No No
CDW-G NJPA Technology Level 2 (Store) Punch-Out Yes Yes Yes
B&H Photo Video E&I Technology Level 2 (Product) Punch-Out No Yes Yes
Bio-Rad Laboratories UofM Research Level 2 (Product) Punch-Out No No Yes
Carolina Biological Supply NJPA Research Level 2 (Product) Punch-Out No Yes for orders >$2004 Yes1
Contract Design Associates E&I/WSCA Furniture Level 2 (Product) Punch-Out No Yes3 No
Complete Book & Media Supply Inc E&I Books Punch-Out No Yes for orders >$15 Yes1

WSCA Technology Punch-Out No Yes Yes
Ferguson Enterprises E&I MRO/Facilities Punch-Out No Yes No
Fisher Scientific WSCA6 Research Level 2 (Product) Punch-Out Yes Yes for orders >$50 Yes
GovConnection E&I Technology Level 2 (Product) Punch-Out No Yes Yes
Grainger E&I MRO/Facilities Level 2 (Product) Punch-Out No Yes Yes
Henry Schein E&I Medical/Dental/Athletic Training Supplies Punch-Out No Yes2 No

Hewlett Packard
E&I Technology Punch-Out No Yes No

Missoula's Office City


Office Punchout No Yes No

Office Solutions and Services


Office Punchout Yes Yes No
Qiagen UofM Research Level 2 (Product) Punch-Out No No Yes
Sigma Aldrich UofM Research

Level 2 (Product) Punch-Out

No Yes5 Yes
Staples NJPA Office

Level 2 (Store) Punch-Out

Yes Yes for orders >$25 Yes

E&I Furniture Punch-Out No Yes No
VWR E&I Research Level 2 (Product) Punch-Out No Yes Yes

-- Shipping is free where designated with some exceptions which vary by vendor and contract such as expedited shipping, heavy items, etc.

1 Denotes supplier portal invoicing

2 free standard shipping - hazardous material charges and equipment freight excluded

3 Herman Miller Products - free shipping, Global & Offices to Go products - No shipping and handling charges will apply for order totaling $860.00 or more. If the purchase is under $860.00 a $25 shipping fee will be added to a UPSable order or $75 fee will be added for non-UPSable orders. Orders that contain both UPSable and non-UPSable items are considered non-UPSable shipments and are subject to handling charges if the order does not exceed $860

4 excluding living and perishable material, hazardous chemicals, kits containing hazardous chemicals, drop ship items, preserved specimens, and curriculum products

5 exceptions apply: $20 per premium overnight shipment, $60 per truck shipment for DOT-regulated materials (e.g. hazardous/explosive chemicals); $100 charge labeled as “DEA Charge” on invoices containing orders of federally regulated Controlled Substances.

6 exceptions apply: WSCA Contract states the order must be under $75,000 and must be related to the Fisher product list. If not a bid or non catalog will need to be done. 3rd part items ordered through Fisher do not get free shipping.  Small orders must total $50 dollars to get free shipping no exlcusions. 

Level 2 Store Punchout - vendor's products are searchable from GrizMart's shop from the top search query. Clicking on the product in the GrizMart search results will direct you to vendor's website (punchout) from within GrizMart. You will then need to search for the product from within the vendor's site.

Level 2 Product Punchout - Same as above except that clicking on the product in the GrizMart search results will direct you to the actual product on the vendor's website(punchout) from within GrizMart. No further search is required.

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