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Training resources on this page cover how to use GrizMart, along with links to access the training.

GrizMart training is now available through IT Short Courses. This is a classroom course for requestors and approvers only that demonstrates how to successfully purchase goods and services in GrizMart.

Training Schedule | Training Site -(GrizMart TEST)

Cleaning up encumbrances

Using the Open PO/Encumbrance Report

12.3 upgrade changes

Approval page changes

Home/Shop page display changes



 Navigation 101
Lesson  Part Part3  Updating Your Profile
Lesson  Part 2 Part3 Part4 Part5 Part6 Part7  Basic Shopping
Lesson  Assigning a Cart
Lesson  Reviewing an Assigned Cart
Lesson  Checking Out Carts
Lesson Part Part3 Part4 Part5 Part6  Basic Approving
Lesson  Entering a Non PO Payment
Lesson Part  Document Search


Guide 1  Navigation 101
Guide 2  Updating Your Profile
Guide 3  General Introduction
Guide 4  Basic Shopping
Guide 5  Software License, Maintenance, or Support
Guide 6  Assigning a Cart
Guide 7  Reviewing an Assigned Cart
Guide 8  Checking Out Carts
Guide 9  Basic Approving
Guide 10  Adding Comments
Guide 12  Non-Catalog Products $5K-$25K
Guide 13  Non-Catalog Products Less Than $5K
Guide 14  Non-Catalog Products Greater Than $25K
Guide 15  Create a Receipt
Guide 16  Entering a Non PO Payment
Guide 17  Document Search
Guide 18  Invoice Approvals



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