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Academic Planner

The University of Montana

October 9, 2012

Dear Campus Community-

We have been advertising our intention to upgrade the Academic Planner to a new version. Our message to campus indicated that we were going to perform this upgrade yesterday, October 8th. Unfortunately, we were not able to successfully complete this upgrade during the scheduled and advertised time.

As intended, we began the upgrade work yesterday. During the process, our development team identified an issue that may have resulted in the loss of planning data. Thus, we made the conscious decision to roll back the upgrade to the already existing version of the Academic Planner. This decision was made to protect the integrity of your existing plans, as we feel that it is most important to preserve the work that you have already invested into planning your academic careers.

Our developers are correcting the issue, and we will release the new version of the Academic Planner for your use as soon as we are 100% confident that you will retain access to all of your pre-existing plans. I apologize for the inconvenience that this may have caused you.


Tom Battaglia
ACIO for Technology Support Services
Information Technology


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