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Academic Planner

The University of Montana

Getting Started with Academic Planner

Academic Planner is a tool to help plan your academic career. To get started, watch the video tutorial, read the "Important Notes" listed below then click "Accept and Continue".

Important notes:

  • Academic Planner is for planning only, to register for classes you must use CyberBear.
  • This tool is not a substitute for your advisor, please consult your advisor when making decisions about your academic career.
  • As course availablity varies by semester, courses listed in Academic Planner may not be available in the semesters shown.
  • Faculty and Advisors: For an explanation on what the new version does for you, see this video.

New features in Academic Planner

  • A convenient profile page for access to your advisees’ academic records.  You will be able to view your advisees’ transcripts, ACT/SAT/ALEKS scores, and a snapshot of their general education requirement progression. 
  • Maplesoft scores will not be stored in Academic Planner. If you wish to see your advisees' Maplesoft placement scores, please use the BannerXE Student Advisor Profile
  • Enhanced course search features that will make searching and scheduling courses even easier for students.
  • Display of primary and secondary advisor listings for students.