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Academic Planner

The University of Montana

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Academic History

  1. On the "Plan Page", click the "Show Past" checkbox
  2. Past semesters will be displayed in the list. Any courses you have taken or are currently registered for will be displayed with a check in the EoR (Earned or Registered) column. In the "Grade" column, earned courses will show the grade earned, registerd courses will show a dash ("-").
  3. Notes:
    • Semesters become "Past" 30 days after the end of a semester. After this point, courses can no longer be added to the plan for that semester.
    • Academic Planner now shows Transfer credits. Please note that courses transfered before Fall 2009 may not be shown
    • Information in Academic Planner is retrieved directly from CyberBear.  For problems with CyberBear data, please contact the Registrar's office.


  1. Open the "Search and Schedule" page by clicking on the "Search and Schedule Courses" button or the "Search Courses" button if the semester has not yet been scheduled by the Registrar
  2. On the "Search and Schedule" page you can search courses and add them to a Semester in your Plan
  3. You can search courses with the options listed in the "Search Courses" by default. If no search options are chosen, all courses are returned
  4. To view details about a course, click on a course title with an "i" icon. To return to the previous page click the "Back" button.
  5. Once you find a course you would like to add to your plan, click on the "+" on the right of the course.
  6. Linked courses (e.g. a lecture and a lab) will be added and deleted together.
  7. The course will appear in the Scheduled Courses box once it has been added
  8. Notes:
    • any course can be added to the plan but restrictions may apply during the registration process.
    • future semesters present a tentative list of courses based on two years of historical information - availability may change when the semester is officially scheduled.

Add a Course for a Semester

  1. On the "Plan Page", locate the desired semester and select a subject from the drop-down box
  2. Then select a course from the drop-down box, which is located to the right of the subject drop-down box
  3. To remove a course from a semester, click on the red "X" button on the right hand side of the course

Add a Semester to Your Plan

  1. On the "Plan Page", select a year-semester (for example, Fall-2010) from the drop-down box below your plan title
  2. Click the "Add Semester" list box
  3. To remove the semester from your plan, click on the "Remove Semester" button in the semester box
  4. You can view a detailed schedule of a semester by clicking the View Schedule button. From there, you can export it (.ics file) to add it to a Microsoft Outlook calendar

Create an Alternate Plan

  1. Click on "New Plan" in the Plans box
  2. Enter the name of your plan, and click "Ok"
  3. Later, if you want to rename your plan, you can select the "Rename Plan" option from the drop-down menu on the "Plan Page"
  4. You can also copy a plan from the drop-down menu on the right side of the Plan page

Profile Page

  • The Profile Page contains your degree, declared major, GPA, credit information, and test scores
  • You can view a copy of your transcript by clicking on the View Transcript button
  • Profile photos: If you do not see a photo or wish to have an alternative photo taken, contact the Griz Card office. Note: New photos may take up to a week to appear on your Profile page
  • All Advisors can be viewed by expanding the Advisors section with the "+" button. You can also request an additional unoffical advisor(s) by clicking on the "Request Unofficial Advisor" button
  • In the Charts section, you can view view your GPA and Credits Attempted and Earned over time
  • The Posting section allows you to post a comment regarding a plan, allowing you to communicate with your advisor about your academic plan.
  • To create a post, click the "Add Post" button, choose a plan, and enter a comment. Click "OK" to submit. All of your advisors will receive an email when you post