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International Student Association

UM and the state of Montana have much to offer, but like anything foreign, it takes some getting used to.

The International Student Association (ISA) is here to make that transition easier and to help foreign students make the very best of the time they spend at the University. It is open to all foreign students and American students with an international interest.

ISA was started by a group of Russian exchange students, some of UM’s first foreign students, in 1924. It is the oldest student organization on campus.

These days, ISA members help organize the International Week, participate in the Homecoming parade with a float, host welcome barbeques for new students, organize holiday events for foreign students and also organize and sell tickets to a Thanksgiving Banquet in November.

ISA members are active both on campus and in the Missoula community, organizing activities and participating in a number of organizations on campus, so foreign students' voices are heard.