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Missoula International Friendship Association

Students who come to study at UM from around the world are looking for more than just an education; they are eager learn more about American culture and the communities that host them.

That’s why UM is home to the unique Missoula International Friendship Program.

The program matches local community members will foreign students who are studying at UM. Through this friendship, Missoula residents are able to share some of Montana’s best activities with students who are eager to experience life in America to the fullest extent.

Whether it’s taking the a minor-league baseball game, going to the Missoula Symphony Orchestra, visiting Glacier National Park or taking in a play at the Missoula Children’s Theatre, the friendship program offers international students a chance to become active in the larger community while providing local residents an opportunity to show off their hometown.

Local participants are asked to take their student on at least one outing a month over the course of a semester, but these relationships often take on a life of their own. Foreign students and their community companions often form friendships that last a lifetime.

In 2009, the Missoula International Friendship Program will celebrate 20 years of connecting foreign students with local advocates.