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The Great Monte Mystery

When the Grizzly game ball goes missing just before a home football game, UM’s lovable mascot, Monte, is on the case in the new children’s book “The Great Monte Mystery.

Monte searches high and low to get the pigskin back as kickoff looms. Along the way he visits some of Missoula’s most identifiable landmarks, including the M on Mount Sentinel, Main Hall at UM and a Carousel for Missoula in Caras Park.

The book, written by UM alumna Jennifer Newbold and illustrated by Robert Rath, is on bookstore shelves now.

The idea for the book came to Newbold (BA ’98, JD ’03) five years ago as she shopped for a Griz-related baby gift. She didn’t find just what she was looking for, but the concept for “The Great Monte Mystery” was born.

“It was kind of one of those light-bulb moments,” she says. “I decided, ‘Well I could write a book about Monte.’”

Right away Newbold knew she wanted Monte to have an adventure and learn a moral lesson.

“It took a while for the actual plot to come together,” she says, “but once I figured that out it was actually quite easy.”

“I am so excited to get it in the hands of kids,” she says. “For them to recognize Missoula landmarks will be an exciting part of the book.”

“The Great Monte Mystery” is co-published by The University of Montana Press and will be distributed by Farcountry Press. It is on the shelves at the UM Bookstore and other booksellers around Montana for $17.95. A portion of proceeds be donated to Big Brothers Big Sisters.