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New Course Numbers are Here

In November 2007, the Montana Board of Regents adopted a new policy requiring all units of the Montana University System to adopt Common Course Numbering as a means of facilitating transfer. 

Since then, faculty from all units within the system have worked to identify courses that are sufficiently similar to warrant common names and numbers, as well as courses that should be uniquely numbered. The links below point to additional information about this process and about the decisions that have been reached.

A few key points:

  • This process does not involve any changes in course content or curricula.
  • Where faculty agree that there are equivalent courses being taught at more than one campus, common numbers and titles are assigned.

Courses unique to one campus are assigned unique numbers and titles.

In many cases, subject abbreviations (often called “rubrics” or “prefixes”) must be changed to avoid duplication of course numbers within existing rubrics, a requirement that must be met simultaneously at all campuses. So, for instance, all MATH courses will move to the new M course prefix.

To make this work at all schools in the state, it is generally necessary to group courses under common subject abbreviations rather than prefixes indicating the department. It is likely that many departments will end up teaching courses listed under more than one course prefix.

Only undergraduate courses are being considered for Common Course Numbering. However, as subject abbreviations change, most departments will choose to use the new subject abbreviations for the graduate courses as well.
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