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Common Course Numbering

In an effort to improve the transfer process for students, the Montana University System is moving to common course numbering for all undergraduate courses.

Beginning fall semester 2009, all public colleges and universities in Montana will use the same subject abbreviations, numbers and titles for courses taught on more than one campus.

If a student transfers from one Montana University System college to another, ONLY courses that are also taught at the new campus will transfer as equivalent. All other courses will continue to transfer as electives and will be applied to curricular requirements at the discretion of the faculty.

Most current UM subject abbreviations and course numbers WILL CHANGE as implementation moves forward. Many familiar course titles also will change. Some courses will change level (i.e. from the 300 level to 400 level).

The new numbers only affect course abbreviations and numbers. It does NOT affect course content or degree requirements. Course content remains the purview of faculty and will NOT be changed as a result of this process.

During the transition period, which is likely to last several years, the lists of which courses are required for majors will be updated annually to reflect the changes.

The New Course Number Translation Guide will help you determine how course numbers have changed. With this guide you can select the old subject abbreviations and see what those courses are now called, or you can select the new subject code and see what they used to be called.

The online version of UM's catalog will be updated in 2009 to include the new numbers and titles in all curricula.

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