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UM Web Pages Make Transition to CMS

Beginning July 1, The University of Montana’s central web group -- IT's Web Technology Services (WTS) -- will no longer be supporting Dreamweaver/Contribute for new UM Web sites.

Departmental web teams or other web support entities may, however, continue to support these products.  If you have any questions about whether you will need to move into the CMS, please check with the individual(s) who do your support.  If you aren't sure who to call, we'd be glad to help sort it out. Call 243-2555 for more information.

WTS will work with UM departments and programs to migrate existing Dreamweaver/Contribute sites to the new Cascade Content Management System (CMS).

The CMS allows the University to support more users in a more efficient manner. For more information about the CMS, visit

After July 1, WTS will no longer provide Dreamweaver/Contribute support for any department Web site which is not in the queue for conversion to the CMS. WTS will continue to provide support for Dreamweaver/Contribute sites after July 1 only if the department is in the queue for conversion and hasn’t been moved yet. Existing Dreamweaver/Contribute sites may remain on the UM Web server but must be managed by the individual departments.

In the new CMS, the following options come automatically with your site:

  • Breadcrumbs
  • A to Z index
  • A menuing system that's created "automatically" as you add folders and files

    Departments that move their site to the CMS will receive:

  • A skeleton of your site created by WTS.
  • A new page that combines the basic look of your existing site with the new CMS (example:
  • Assistance from WTS to move site content within a focused and scheduled timeframe.

WTS can also provide custom programming and custom design. However, because of the large number of sites and Web pages that must be converted, WTS will charge a fee for individualized services.

All UM departments and programs are encouraged to sign up to move their site to the CMS as soon as possible.  To get in the queue for a new CMS-based web site, to obtain Web certification (so that you can post to a Web site) or for any other Web services – go to

The move to the CMS was initiated in 2008 for two main reasons: providing affordable Web solutions to departments that were struggling to pay for individual copies of Dreamweaver, and providing a more consistent look and feel to UM Web sites. The change to a content management system technology is a step forward for the University and its customers.