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Crown Of The Continent Spring E-Magazine Now Available

The 88-page spring 2011 issue of the Crown of the Continent e-magazine has been released and can be found online at

Articles in this issue include “Glacier National Park’s First 10 Years,” “Guardians of the Park,” “A Theory on Triple Peak” and “Flathead Lake Cherries.”

The region called the Crown of the Continent encompasses Glacier National Park and spans the Continental Divide from the Elk River headwaters and Crowsnest Pass in Canada to Rogers Pass and the Blackfoot River drainage in Montana.

The University of Montana launched the Crown of the Continent Initiative to provide an educational catalyst for collaboration between UM and Glacier National park. The initiative continues to grow and now includes many groups, organizations, agencies and institutions beyond the park in Montana, Alberta and British Columbia.

The initiative publishes three color-filled e-magazines each year, allowing people to get up-to-date information about issues driving decisions and research in the Crown. The magazines cover everything from the physical and historical geography of the Crown to interesting scientific research on the region’s wildlife, climate, rivers, glaciers and more.

To receive other Crown of the Continent Initiative updates, e-mail The Crown of the Continent website is at Current and past issues of the e-magazine are available in PDF format on the website under “publications.”

For more information, email Rick Graetz or Jerry Fetz, initiative co-directors, at