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Spring Semester Enrollment at UM Tops 15,000

The headcount enrollment at The University of Montana in Missoula this semester is 15,106, a record enrollment for spring semester at UM. Enrollment jumped 484 above spring semester last year.

The new number includes the central mountain campus and the UM College of Technology. UM first topped the 15,000 mark with its highest fall semester enrollment in the University’s history last year.           

“Access to a successful higher education experience is among our highest priorities,” UM President Royce Engstrom said. “People are seeing more and more how important college is to their own futures and the future of Montana. Both new enrollment and retention are strong at all degree levels on all of our UM campuses.”

The number of students jumped 126 at the mountain campus, with an additional 358 at COT.

The University also set a record for spring semester full-time equivalent students at 13,029.87. That number is 352.17 more than spring semester 2010. (An FTE represents 15 undergraduate or 12 graduate semester credits.)

FTEs jumped 211.63 for the mountain campus and 140.53 for COT. FTE numbers rose in most categories, including 231.97 for resident students and 68.72 for nonresident students.